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What do I offer?


I’m Louise and I specialise in helping people who are struggling to cope with life’s problems by teaching them ways of reducing and managing stress and anxiety, and by giving them the inner resilience and coping strategies to deal with everything that life might have in store.

When you come to see me, the therapy I provide will be tailored to your specific needs and designed to enable you to develop the confidence and skills to manage your life in the future.

My treatment focus

I believe in using methods that have been clinically proven to be effective, offering you the best chance of success.

Hypnotherapy can help you change behaviour if you want it to! Hypnotherapy is a way of harnessing your brain’s natural power to enable you to achieve change and to achieve the best version of ‘you’ that there is!

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Therapy for you

Hypnosis is...

· A time for relaxation and to focus on positive suggestions

· Easy to learn and master

· Time for yourself and a step on the journey to be the best you there is

· A way to change behaviour and habits

· Completely safe

· A proven method of achieving change

· A skill that you can use in everyday life to manage stress

· A collaborative process between you and the therapist

Hypnosis is not……

· Something to be scared of

· A form of mind control!

· A trick that will make you do things you don’t want to do!

· Going to leave you ‘stuck’ in a trance! 

Hypnosis is a simple, down-to-earth and common sense therapy that can enable you to progressively improve your habitual feelings and behaviour.

The feeling of being in hypnosis is not actually ‘sleep’ – people are aware of everything that is going on around them – but it has been likened to the feeling of daydreaming when you are absorbed in your imagination and an idea.

Can hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy can help you change behaviour if you want it to! Hypnotherapy is a way of harnessing natural psychological and physiological states to enable you to achieve change. The therapist has an important part to play in the process – guiding you towards positive suggestions – but your part is crucial. You must want to accept the suggested ideas for change and use your imagination to vividly picture responding to these suggestions. But don’t worry that you don’t have a very good imagination – everyone can learn the skills of hypnosis.

The wealth of research that has been carried out on hypnotherapy shows that it can be particularly helpful for:

· Managing anxiety

· Overcoming sleep disorders

· Managing stress related disorders

· Managing pain

· Conquering habits and phobias

· Reducing the intensity and number of hot flushes during menopause


Why did I become a hypnotherapist?

The answer to that is simple – I want to help people to become the best version of themselves they can be using hypnosis and hypnotherapy! We all struggle with things in life and we usually find a way to muddle through sooner or later. But what if you didn’t have to struggle and muddle? What if you had a skill that could help you navigate life’s boulders and pitfalls? I believe hypnotherapy is that skill.

Before becoming a hypnotherapist I worked firstly as a medical journalist, writing about diseases and new medicines to help doctors and the public understand advances in research. I am fascinated by progress in treating disease and keeping people well and in my role as a hypnotherapist, I can help people learn and use this highly effective skill to achieve change. That is exciting and fulfilling!

Hypnotherapy is highly effective, evidence-based method of managing a range of issues but particularly problems relating to stress and anxiety. I believe in helping people learn how to prevent and manage their own stress because these proven, powerful methods are simple to learn and can be applied to a variety of challenges.  

One to one appointments...

When you come to see me, the therapy I provide will be tailored to your specific needs and designed to enable you to develop the confidence and skills to manage your life in the future. 

I offer private, one-on-one appointments for clients needing help with stress management (including exam stress) anxiety, insomnia, menopausal symptoms (such as hot flushes), weight management, self-esteem issues, improving self confidence, phobias and changing bad habits such as nail-biting.


If you are thinking of coming to see me, the first step will be a free half-hour initial telephone consultation, when we can discuss your problems and you can find out more and whether you would like to go ahead with a consultation.

Other therapy options...

Managing your menopause workshop

The methods I use have a proven track record in helping reduce hot flushes, insomnia, stress, and anxiety, all of which can make this time of life particularly challenging. Either during my workshops, or in one-to-one therapy, the techniques I use can reduce the myriad of problems caused by the menopause and help women to feel like themselves again and get their old sparkle back!

How can menopause make you feel? 

“It’s the most horrible time of my life. It comes at the same time as all other horrid stuff, parent’s death, children leaving home. I simply don’t feel myself.”

“Anxious, constant feeling of nerves and stress for no apparent reason. Sudden bursts of feeling very angry for no real reason. My body has changed shape, my skin is dry and it is very hard to keep weight off.”

“I have a constant niggling yuk-ness. Always something not quite right, I never feel completely well.”

How would you describe hot flushes?

“I started off 5 to 6 years ago with a hot feeling in the pit of my stomach, which developed over a few minutes until I thought I was going to burst into flames. This was accompanied by nausea. The last year or so, they have been more sweaty type of sweats, with the sweat sometimes pouring down my face. I have also had some horrible BO smell that isn’t directly linked to the sweats.”

These are just a few of the comments made to me by women in their menopause! If any of these comments resonate with you don’t despair! There are skills that you can learn and practice that will help you deal with the impact of the menopause on your life.


The Managing the Menopause workshops incorporate hypnotherapy, relaxation and stress management to enable you to overcome the challenges of the menopause. Taking place one evening or morning for 90 minutes over three consecutive weeks I run workshops approximately every six weeks. 


Using hypnotherapy you can learn how to reduce the number and impact of hot flushes, find ways to sleep better, gain motivation for improving your exercise or reducing weight and reduce stress and anxiety.

Because of my science background I strongly believe in offering techniques that are proven to have real benefit. Hypnosis has been shown, in properly conducted clinical trials, to be as effective at treating hot flushes as conventional hormone treatment (HRT) and has a wealth of evidence for its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and treating insomnia.

Session 1 - looks at why the menopause produces such wide-ranging effects, how learning methods of relaxation can help, provides a practical relaxation exercise that participants can record for use at home, and a hypnotherapy exercise to address the problem of hot flushes

Session 2 - looks at ways to manage and prevent insomnia 

Session 3 - addresses the problems of a changing body with methods to help weight management and exercise motivation

Each session includes a hypnotherapy practical that can be recorded for future use at home. 

Contact me to find out when the next workshop will be taking place.

Relaxation skills and stress management workshop

‘Can I learn how to relax?’ Of course you can! And the more you practice, the more skilled you will become until you can relax in a few seconds when facing a stressful situation.

The Stress Awareness and Relaxation workshop is a single, two-hour, session that looks at how stress can impact on your life, how relaxation can counter these effects, and teaches a range of methods for relaxation and anxiety management, including tension-release relaxation, breathing, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. 

Participants will leave understanding a range of techniques they can use to counteract and deal with stress and a recording for future use.

Contact me to find out when the next workshop will be taking place.

My clients say....

J says: ‘Louise really listens. She is open minded and sensitive and is keen to help. The sessions I spent with her were invaluable. She taught me to think about menopausal symptoms, sleep and stress in a completely different way. She suggests positive coping strategies and is a sympathetic and highly professional practitioner.’

S says: 'I have found the workshops extremely helpful in helping me deal with my menopause. From the wealth of information given making me realise I am not alone in this, to the self-hypnosis exercises, it really help me to relax. I have also found the tapping technique revolutionary in dealing with my mild depression brought on by the menopause. I cannot thank Louise enough for the tools she has given me in helping me on this most frustrating of journeys. Thank you again.’

Training and qualifications

BSc (Hons)

Diploma in Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Certificate in Menopause Relief Programme

I am a full member of:

General Hypnotherapy Register

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.


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